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Shangai Expo
Kingdom Key
...was actually kinda disappointing. I was expecting to see lots of amazing stuff in the pavilions, but most of our time spent there was actually walking around outside. We couldn`t get into any of the cooler pavillions because the wait lines were impossibly long. As expected, the wait line for the Japan Pavilion was at least three hours. The China Pavilion didn`t have a line though because there were a bunch of mini-pavilians for each area of China inside the building. Overall, there were some interesting things we saw, but not much that made us go "wow". In fact, the best thing we did there was marvel at the designs of each pavillion.

But our highlight of our time at the expo? Seeing a little girl taking such a big dump in the Japan Pavilion line that it looked like she crapped half her body out. Poor girl. Shanghai may be a very advanced city, but it`s still China. :P

Oh, and I feel a little lightheaded right now because of the alcohol I drank just now. Or am I drunk? I dunno. Are you supposed to know if you're drunk. When are you considered "drunk" anyway? Anyway, this being China, my family friend can get anything even though he`s only 17, ha ha. I feel weird because I can't think straight, my head is pulsing, my eyes are out of focus, and I feel a little hot. But it feels nice at the same time. Guess I can't hold my liquer or something. But then again, It was a pretty strong vodka from Poland... Man, I'd better not become an alcoholic. But then again, I hated the taste of the vodka. It only tasted alright after mixing it with (Chinese) Pepsi.

Edit: Okay, after letting the alcohol go through my body long enough, now I know I'm drunk. *o* body's all wobbly and I'm thinking like a drunk person right now...

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Yutube is d-r-u-n-k~~

Hope there are more fun sights to see in Shanghai! Hows the food up there~?

Ha ha. You guys would've probably picked on me if you saw me drunk. Because I was acting we~ird... o_o

Food is great so far, and I don`t usually like Chinese (and Thai) food. As requested by Jake, I started taking photos of the food we've been eating.

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