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Final day of sightseeing
Kingdom Key
Final day of touring meant the final day of hanging with our super special awesome tour guide, Charlie Zhang. D'awww... :( Great guy who knows a fair amount of English. If you guys ever want to tour around Shanghai, give him a holler!

This time we went the ancient town of Zhujiajiao, a sort of venice of Shanghai. Only 80 gen (about $12) for nine sightseeing spots in the area. Not bad. At least this time we weren't bothered by annoying salespeople and beggers.

After an early dinner, we then went to the acrobatic show, ERA: Intersection of Time. It came nothing close to how amazing shows like Circe de Soleil, but the final performance, eight moterbikes (no they weren't playing children's card games on them) in one sphere cage, made up for it. Got myself some chibi keychains as a souvenier. :)

Tomorrow will be a free day for us. Chikara, our family friend, is going to take us to good shopping spots and try to haggle the prices for whatever we buy. :P I plan on getting a plushie of Shanghai Expo's mascot, Haibao, as a souvenier before we leave the next day to Okinawa! :D


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