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Kingdom Key
For those who don't know already, I finally got hired at GameStop! I've been applying there ever since I started becoming a regular there! But I guess being a regular paid off, because I think it's because of that reason that I got hired. Gotta do my best so I can stay there (and finally quit Taco Bell). Billy, the manager I've been working with, says I've been doing better than expected, so hopefully it stays that way.

So far, the job is as fun as I hoped it would be. It feels great that part of my job is to recommend good games to people, especially games that I love! And since I'm a hands-on person, I find it fun to organize games and such. I gotta get better at that though, especially when I have to grab games for my customers quickly! I think I really have to work on advertising Edge Card memberships and reservations as well as ringing up different stuff on the computer like trade-ins, game systems, etc.

And I guess that means I'll have to read up about more games than I usually do then. Help me out guys! Especially you Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii owners! I don't have either of those systems!

But speaking of games, I haven't been playing that much games lately. It's either because I finished them or I just don't feel like playing them. Instead I've been anime, which is something I rarely do. In fact, I've been watching more anime than I ever did.

'Course, that'll all change once Persona 3 Portable comes out. Odds are I'll be playing it obsessively as the female main character all the way until Valkyria Chronicles II comes out on August 31, in which then I'll be playing THAT for a long long time. And alongside those two, I'll be playing Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2nd and using it's improved music video editor feature, and after that playing...

So, what anime have I been watching this summer? Well, since I lack writing creativity, I'll just paste what I wrote at the Society of Modern Asian Creations forums. ^^;

Air TV: Borrowed it from a friend. Watched it three times already, and each time I still cried at the end. Thinking about getting the box set for myself.

Too lazy to figure out a way to write a good summary so, uh, here's a link.

Also, not exactly the reason why I love this anime, but I like how the more you watch the anime, the more you understand what appears on the OP.
Angel Beats!: This anime was written by Jun Maeda, the writer for Key's visual novels such as Kanon, Air, and Clannad, so I had a feeling I might like this one.

The cliche anime minor characters put me off at first (I'm especially looking at you, TK!), but a story about a bunch of dead people who can't get killed but have to survive in a world (that's not heaven nor hell) by avoiding getting "erased" was interesting, so I kept watching.

At first I thought this anime was going to be some sort of survival story like Lost or something, but it turns out that every episode focuses on something different. In one episode, the characters would be trying to suppress Tenshi. In another episode, they would go fishing.

But the real reason why I love this anime is because of Otonashi, the protagonist, and his relationship with a certain character in the series... Otonashi's so awesome. I plan on cosplaying as him for KK11.

Top that off with awesome music and high production values (although that was probably the reason why the anime seemed rushed with only thirteen episodes.
Working!!: Never watched an anime set in the work environment before (Yakitate!! Japan doesn't count), so I considered watching this. Helped that I just came back from Japan too, witnessing the Japanese workers first hand. Anyway, it's a comedy slice-of-life anime. I like comedy anime. Loved all of the jokes and antics in this one. I guess that's because it's originally a 4koma manga, which I usually find really hilarious.

But what I really liked about this anime was how it unexpectedly changed (like Angel Beats!) from a twisted slice-of-life comedy to a love comedy. I'm a sucker for love stories like these for some reason. >_>;

I also want to cosplay as the protagonist, Souta Takanashi, if Shayna and a few others decide to do it too. ;)
Heroman: the anime I'm watching right now. Interestingly, this is a Japanese anime (set in America) written by none other than Stan Lee. What an inspiration! Makes me feel confident that I might be able to direct my own anime someday.

The story's a typical "boy-gets-super-powered-robot-and-now-he-has-to-fight-the-aliens-who-want-to-take-over-the-world-while-protecting-his-fa mily-and-friends-but-especially-love-interest" story, but it's a Japanese anime written by an American guy! Holy crap! This is too interesting to pass up!

[rant]But I don't like how the alien baddies act like that have a variation of the Stormtrooper effect or something. They just stand there waiting to get punched by Heroman! Come on! Attempt to dodge! Fire that gun! Tell HQ about the situation! Do something! No, looking at each other as he powers up doesn't count!

Oh, and hearing Joey scream "Heroman!" all through the fights gets pretty annoying after a while. Especially since his voice is so feminine! Come on, he sounds like he didn't go through puberty! No wonder there's so much fan art of him crossdressing![/rant]

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Congrats again on the Game Stop job. :D

Watch Sora no wo to. Seems like something you would like~

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