Greetings from Shanghai!
Kingdom Key
Goddamn. You can`t go on any cool sites in China. Not even Facebook... :/

Writer's Block: This material has been censored
Kingdom Key
Do you think the government should have the right to censor the media? If you're generally against censorship, are there any circumstances under which you feel it might be warranted?

I guess I'll say that the government shouldn't censor any kind of media. Gotta learn about the world after all.

As for censoring adult material in Japan...that must be stopped! At all costs! My pr0n?! Pixelated?! Blasphemy! D:<

...Although it can be used for funny material at times. :3

Writer's Block: BFFs
Kingdom Key
If you had to pick a character from your favorite TV show back in middle school to be your best friend today, who would you choose, and why? Have you outgrown some of the characters you loved when you were an early adolescent?

Tommy Pickles from Rugrats yo! A model baby full of leadership, compassion, and lots of stuff in his diaper! I still think he's a cool kid, even today. His teenage version in All Growed Up I don't know though since that show honestly doesn't have the charm of Rugrats.

I don't care for Korean dramas...
Minato &quot;Doudemoii&quot;
...or at least the ones that are shown on the local Korean channel. They're so popular, yet I can't get myself to like any of them. Why is that? Is it the directing (I think I notice mistakes here and there too)? Is it the acting (Either I'm not familiar with the way real Koreans talk, or their acting really isn't that great save for a few scenes of Korean dramas I've seen)? Is it because a lot of them monologue out loud?

You know what, it's probably a combination of all of these. Or maybe I just don't care for the family/love drama stories that always on the local Korean channel. Or maybe I just don't care for dramas, period. I dunno.

/brain dump.
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Writer's Block: Sheldon and Penny 4ever!
Kingdom Key
Fanfiction: Do you love it or hate it, or are you totally indifferent? Why?

It...depends actually. The only fanfiction I've ever followed was one for Persona 4 set five years after the events of the game...

Writer's Block: Don't tease me bro!
Kingdom Key
Do you think good-natured teasing often goes too far? Have you ever gotten seriously offended by a joke that crossed the line? Have you been informed that your own teasing hurt someone else's feelings?

I don't think it often goes far, but it can. One time, this guy joked by hiding all of my valuables while I wasn't looking. Wasn't cool at all. Actually digging through my stuff and hiding it for a joke is still theft.

Yeah, I think I remember being told that I might've crossed the line in teasing, but that was a long time ago so I don't remember what they might've been. ._.; I never try to offend people with my friendly teasing.

Writer's Block: High notes
Minato Arisato
If you could only listen to one music genre for the rest of your life (classical, rock, jazz, etc.), what would you choose, and why?

Does soundtrack music count? 90% of my music library consists of video game soundtrack music. If that doesn't count, then I guess I'd say classical/orchestra. For me, music speaks louder than words, or in this case, lyrics. Dearly Beloved makes me more emotional than any love song can. To Zanarkand calms me down better than any lullaby.

Writer's Block: Ten years to the day
Kingdom Key
Do you collect anything? If so, describe your favorite collection (past or present).

Ideally, I'd want to be a big name filmmaker that makes actual good movie adaptations of video games and anime and such. I'd also want to be a filmmaker in Japan. They don't make as much money as they do in America, but they like to keep movie adaptations as close to the original as possible.

Realistically though, I'd probably just be a film editor or cameraman. And I'm totally fine with that as long as I make enough money to live comfortably in a small apartment (who needs houses and big homes anyway).

Anime and J-RPGs rant(?)
Senjou no Valkyria
I've already mentioned my anime and game preferences in an earlier entry about visual novels, but I might as well create an entry dedicated my thoughts on anime and J-RPGs in general.

As much as people wouldn't believe, I'm not exactly a fan of anime. Or at least, today's anime. Even today's anime that's considered good, such as Full Metal Alchemist, or Code Geass, don't interest me very much. To be honest, I think old-school anime is where the quality was. Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Mobile Suit Gundam, Maison Ikkoku, Touch, Cyborg 009, Ah! My Goddess (if that counts. The recent anime is based of the classic manga series). Besides comedy anime (which will always be good), there's only a few of today's anime that I love, such as Fate/stay night (then again, the anime's based off the legendary visual novel).

If you look at today's Japanese anime and games (which includes J-RPGs and visual novels), almost everything's based off established stereotypes. There's cliches everywhere! From the emo kid that hates everything, to the pervert comic-relief kid that gets bad grades, to the fat kid that seems to always think about food, to the guy with glasses that's smart, serious, and quite, to the sheltered rich girl with the curly hair. You've probably had many of those "Hey! This character reminds me of another character!" moments. Admit it! Then there's things such as obvious love interests and love triangles. Those "No! We're only friends! Not lovers! Ahahahaha...ha...". Rivalries between the protagonist and some other guy that usually looks cool. They're just so predictable it's not fun anymore. Plus, because they're all so fake, you can't actually connect with them! If anything, the only thing I love about today's anime is the art style. In fact, I think I look at fan-art more than I watch anime. :P

It's what I'm not liking that's happening to Valkyria Chronicles II, as well as the anime. You see, for the most part, Valkyria Chroncles 1 was a really unique game that for the most part stayed away from anime cliches. It's a World War II influenced story set on an alternate Europe, called Europa. :D Most of the characters felt, you know, normal! Welkin's a nature lover, but it doesn't get too far. Alicia's a motherly figure who doesn't want war, but will do anything to end it. And with the back-stories of the recruits, most of the characters seemed to have pretty realistic lives (with the war mixed in, of course).

Then comes the anime. Trying to appeal to viewers, the studio that animated the series put every cliche in the book. :/ Welkin's a nature lover that's oblivious to everything else around him. Alicia turned from a wonderful motherly figure to a damn tsundere! >:[ And then there's a new love triangle involving who get's Alicia: Welkin, or his best friend Faldio. And then there's also this new character named Ramal that seems to get pissed at Isara, Welkin's adopted sister, yet seems to have a soft spot for her, and gets all panicky when he starts slipping his feelings. Etc, etc. Not to mention that the animation company seems to have forgotten that the story is set in an alternate Europe, not Japan! >:O The only reason why I'm even watching the anime now is to see if the anime does anything better than the game. Thankfully, it does, but only some parts.

Similarly, Valkyria Chronicles II is trying to appeal to audiences by applying a high school theme to the war one. O_o Taking cues from Persona 3 and 4, the characters go to school while fighting a war at the same time! o.o Not to mention just about every character is full on anime cliche. Hot-blooded protagonist that leaps before he looks and is always late for class, the smart and quiet guy with glasses, the bubbly girl that's obviously the protagonist's love interest. You know the rest... Also, you're supposed to be scared when fighting a war people! Not having fun while in it! Well at least the music is amazing. I'm starting to think Hitoshi Sakimoto might be the next Nobuo Uematsu! :3

'Course, I let some cliche slide, although mostly in video games. Such as the MegaMan Star Force games. While mostly cliche, the story was refreshing from the story that was getting stale in MegaMan Battle Network. Or even Persona 3. While most of the cast was cliche, the world of Personas and Shadows was really interesting, and the high school simulation part of the game made the characters more believable.

Thoughts? Comments? Criticism? xD This entry isn't exactly thoroughly thought out since I felt I needed to write something...

How to be a customer
Minato &quot;Doudemoii&quot;
Working for Taco Bell for a little over two years, I've learned some tips that might be helpful to you customers (to any kind of shop) so that us laborers do better at our job, and in turn give you better service. These are only my opinions though. They may or not be correct when being a customer.

1. First and foremost: be nice! Simple enough. If you're nice to us, then in turn, we will be to you. We may even be able to slip a little extra something, or even give you a discount if you're a nice frequent customer too! ;) Of course, if that worker isn't nice to you back even though you're being nice to them, then forget about it. :P Similarly, don't toss your cash or credit card to us like trash. That's obviously not nice. >:[

2. Acknowledge our existence! There's a reason why we greet you with "Hey! How are you doing today?" and send you off with "Thanks for coming! Take care now!". We're human beings you know! Not some robots that you can ignore!

3. Clean up your mess! Or at the very least try not to make such a big one, especially if you have kids. x_x Especially in fast-food restaurants! I know it's not your obligation to clean up after yourselves in fast-food restaurants, but we gotta multitask here to serve you! >_< Similarly, while my restaurant doesn't have a public restroom, others do. But that doesn't mean I don't know what you should do in a restaurant's restroom, or any restroom in particular: FLUSH THE DAMN TOILET!!! I don't want to see your shit floating around in there! Is this how your toilet looks at home?! At least, that's what I see in the men's restroom. :/ Gawd my sex can be disgusting...

4. Be patient with us. Everyone's always busy doing their job. Some people like me have to multitask, which isn't fun at all, especially on drive-thru. x_x Of course, if we're taking way too long, or we look like we're slacking off, then you're free to ask about your order or whatever else you need.

More later if I remember them...
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